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3 ways to
take action

We need residents to speak in favour of preserving farmland and against expanding the Urban Boundary by letting all Municipal candidates know that we reject the updated Regional Official Plan.


The re-elected provincial government on June 2nd continues to support sprawl, Highway 413 and other projects which will pave farmland with massive warehouses and expensive homes that ignore the needs of our communities, and the intersecting climate and affordability crisis. Local municipalities still have a big role to play, and a big opportunity, in the coming fall elections. We need to send the plan back, removing the Urban Boundary Expansion, setting new density targets within urban areas and unlocking additional funding and tools to support compact and complete communities. This includes investments in transit, active transport infrastructure, affordable housing, high density employment and conservation of agricultural and green spaces. This can happen with the your voice, your actions and your vote on October 24th!

1. do your research

Start with this explainer by The Narwhal on the vote by Peel Council on a new Regional Official Plan, prior to the Provincial election. From there, consider the existing Council, and examine candidates running to be your Mayor, Councillor and Trustee across all Wards in Peel Region. We encourage you to visit each of their pages or social media if they don't have a page yet. Get all the info on candidates, how, when and where to vote via the Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon voter information pages.

2. Speak up online

Message Municipal candidates directly on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook about your concerns regarding the Official Plan and how it will make Peel Region more unaffordable, sprawled, food insecure, climate vulnerable and congested. Consider these tips: 

  • Whether you like the candidate or not, please be respectful and be clear in your concerns and questions

  • Link to the Official Plan and consider sharing a screenshot from the document on specifics - these could also come from media coverage on this issue (tag them for credit)

  • Great sources of media coverage to reference are The Pointer, The Narwhal, CBC and Metroland Media (local + Toronto Star) - we have linked many recent articles under the resources tab

  • Tag us in your tweet/post/comment! @StopSprawlPeel

3. Actions with allies!

There are many amazing groups that have created actions, online campaigns and pledges that we 100% stand behind - no need to reinvent the wheel, so let's support them!


1. #ONClimateEmergency, resources, individual, group and candidate pledges via Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign

2. Register for a pre-municipal election webinar on September 14th titled "Hope and Climate Action at the Municipal Level". Organized by Ontario Climate Emergency Campaign and Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Ontario Chapter.

3. Pre-register today for the Harvest Walk and Roll to Stop Sprawl on October 1st, a celebration and advocacy action for the entire region!