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3 ways to
take action

Join an event near you as part of #YTPweekend, April 21-23!

With local and regional Council's back in session, we must use every opportunity to speak in favour of preserving farmland and against expanding the Urban Boundary. Let your elected representatives know, #HandsOffTheGreenBelt and #HoldTheUrbanBoundary!

1. do your research

Start with explainers by The Narwhal on the province's unprecedented attacks on our Conservation Authorities and environment. Follow with detailed analysis of Bill 23 and how it will unravel our Greenbelt, exacerbate sprawl and continue to worsen affordability. More info via Environmental Defence, Ontario Nature and joint statement by the Yours to Protect campaign.

2. Actions with allies

1. JOIN and SUPPORT the Greenbelt Promise campaign!

2. JOIN and HOST a #HandsOffTheGreenBelt rally near you (and SIGN the petition) via campaign by Environmental Defence! Congrats to everyone for an amazing weekend of action! Share the coverage we got here, here and here!

2. AMPLIFY and DONATE to the #SaveTheGreenbelt campaign via Small Change Fund!

3. Speak up online

Message elected officials, especially at the Provincial level, including direct messages and tags via their social media accounts. Share your concerns about Bill 23 and how it will make Peel and surrounding regions more unaffordable, sprawled, food insecure, climate vulnerable and congested, all while local planning and conservation authority is dismantled. Consider these tips: 

  • Whether you like your representative or not, please be respectful and be clear in your concerns and questions.

  • Link to resources above and consider sharing a screenshots on specific concerns - these could also come from media coverage on this issue (please tag all sources for credit).

  • Great sources of Peel coverage to reference are The Pointer, The Narwhal, CBC and Metroland (local + Toronto Star) - we have linked many recent articles under the resources tab.

  • Tag us in your tweet/post/comment: @StopSprawlPeel.

  • Use the petition/phone/email tools created by Enviornmental Defence, Ontario Nature, Leadnow and the David Suzuki Foundation - do them all and customize your response!

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