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In 2022...

Peel Region

decided on the future planning framework for 1.5 million residents and those to come through 2050. Council chose to approve a new Official Plan, faster and earlier than needed, which continues a legacy of sprawl, at high cost, rather than building mixed-use, affordable, walkable communities. Council chose to cater to developers and keep paving over farmland and environmentally-sensitive areas. Peel made a choice, and WE voted in June and October elections to bring more champions to stop sprawl into office. Now, Peel and municipalities across Ontario face the enormous threat from Provincially approved legislation including Bills 23, 39 and 109 which will further diminish our local environment, agricultural systems and ability to build and plan within our cities, rather than sprawling outwards. In 2023, will we unite across all regions to stop sprawl, demand real solutions to affordable housing, and protect our Greenbelt? 

Make YOUR voice heard for food security, sustainable communities and a healthy environment!


WHat's at risk?

It's so much more than just the Urban Boundary expansion in Peel (and other local Official Plans) - the Greenbelt itself is now at risk! Between MZOs and approved Urban Boundary Expansions, such as in Peel Region, few municipalities have been able to preserve their natural and agricultural lands. And now, we face Bill 23, and must unite again to prevent the biggest erosion of environmental and agricultural protections in a generation. #HandsOffTheGreenbelt


Watch TO LEARn more about Bill 23, the "More sprawl, fewer wetlands" act, and how we fight back:

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